Sarafina Comes to MSU Next Month

For those who do not know, Sarafina is a musical about the students and teachers involved in the Soweto riots that centers the story of one girl and her teacher. Music was a key part of the South African struggle against Apartheid and the Soweto riots saw the death, beating, and/or imprisonment of countless youth. 29 people died that day but 10,000 marched for freedom. It is now commemorated as Youth Day in South Africa.

If you live in the Maryland area, please come out and support the first campus production. If you do not, consider bringing this powerful musical to your campus, perhaps as part of next year’s Women’s History Month or International Women’s Day celebration.



2 thoughts on “Sarafina Comes to MSU Next Month

  1. This is so interesting! I am so very sorry that I could not experience this production. But I am a music teacher who is the founder/leader/musical director of a very vibrant youth choir and I would like to stage this production. Can anyone send me the relevant information with regards to sourcing the script, score, etc and the copyright issues? I would be very grateful.

    • Welcome to the blog Lois. You should contact MSU since they are the most recent people I see putting on a production. They will have all of this information. Best of luck putting it on! (Stop by the Say Hey Page and tell us when/if you do the play so we can announce it here)

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