Women’s History Month

Like a Whisper Blog will be doing periodic feminist spotlights to highlight global feminism during women’s history month. I will try to focus on both elders and up-and-comers as always.

Interestingly, there has been a lot of talk about sexual assault and rape on the internets this first day of Women’s History Month. I put together a list of documentaries with the appropriate youtube trailers but it all seemed so triggering to readers and out of context without all of the statistics, key info, and places to go should you need help and I really am trying to fight the urge of becoming a human pamphlet on this blog or someone else’s right now. (There is more than one blog talking about this, most talking from different angles and different concerns. If you are one the bloggers talking about it, don’t take this comment personally. I really am just speaking in general about not wanting to put on my advocate hat). So I am not going to put that post up. If you do want to follow up on your own, however, here are some links:

1 in 4 women is a sexual assault survivor and 1 in 3 gay men has been in an abusive same sex relationship in his lifetime. Unless you live in a hole, you know a survivor. The best way to be an ally is to educate yourself and be supportive/non-judgmental. Rape happens everywhere, in every community, and is usually but not always intraracial (same race). Understanding how rape works as a means of power and control on the global as well as the national, local, and personal stage can help us develop better tools for preventing it and supporting survivors. For those questioning whether rape on the margins is a feminist issue, the bigger question they need to confront is what would make it not?


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