Torchwood Returns

Ok seriously, I was going into major withdrawal and about to march myself right back to Cardiff and tell those people in whoville whatfor . . . and the fact is, I don’t have fond memories of Cardiff, so that is saying something . . .


However, a happy little birdie told me Torchwood season 3 (still only 5 episodes long) will be airing either late Spring 2009 or mid-summer 2009 which is like a rainstorm or two away really. 😀  In order to cut down on the spoilers, there is also talk from BBCAmerica that they will be airing the episodes with a much shorter lag between their air date in Britain and in the U.S.

Finally, I have also confirmed that John Barrowman, Capt. Jack, penned a Torchwood comic strip with his sister that hitbarrowmancomic newstands Feb 19, 2009 as part of the Torchwood Magazine. I’ve never actually seen said magazine, so you all are on your own in finding that one. But I do have art from the comic strip stage right. 😀

Anyway, this should make all you Torchwood fans happy and it should also make local bookstores happy too as I was recently told that Torchwood DVDs are the number one theft item from the DVD section of Barnes and Noble. I paid for mine . . . and I have to tell you, that I have been falling asleep to them the same way I used to when Craig Charles did episodes of Red Dwarf on the radio. 😀 There is something so terribly soothing and good in both of those shows, couple it with the rain, and it feels like home. (Yes, regular readers, mine was a nomadic people and this is a memory that may not jive with sunnier ones I’ve talked about before; deal with it.) And as I write this, I have that little girl smile that spread across my face when the Torchwood DVD started and I remembered how good the banter is from Captian Jack. Seriously, let’s hope we don’t ever have to wait this long again.

And speaking of Whoville . . . did anyone else get a little creeped out by the second season of Secret Diaries of a Call Girl? I love Callum Blue, but seriously, didn’t it feel like they cast him to be a stand in for the intrepid Doctor? And while that may make some giddy, I want to be able to look at Callum Blue in the next project he does and see him, not a slightly off, smaller headed, less fly away hair, version of David Tennant.



  • Torchwood Season 3 Logo. BBC
  • Torchwood Comic Strip. Artists: Tommy Lee Edwards and Trevor Goring. Torchwood Magazine. February 2009.

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