Happy International Women’s Day (and 3rd year blogiversary)

I realized yesterday that I started blogging on International Women’s Day. I checked it against the first dated post on the original site, and it seems my memory is right. For some reason last year, I couldn’t remember when the blog started and thought it would be appropriate to celebrate on April Fool’s Day as the first post that I have left public after shifts in the focus of the blog last year. Anyway, I’m excited to reclaim this day as the real blogiversary b/c it reminds me why I started this blog: to celebrate a feminism that engages women globally, where they are at, what they articulate as their own needs, and meets fellow social justice activists as equals in the struggle for women’s equality. At the time I started to blog, the leadership at my small place in academe was about as far away from that vision as humanely possible and the struggle to decolonize praxis had both me and my partner considering early retirement or a shift in our careers. I wrote to find a global community where the local one I thought was gauranteed seemed lacking. And I wrote to encourage women, undergrad, grad, juniors, to keep struggling to be the kinds of radical globally oriented social justice feminists that they were no matter what; to encourage woc in particular to keep being brave. That first year of the blog was filled with mentorship oriented conversations that I am privileged to have been a part of. The second year was our year of activism in which we impacted discussion of equity and feminism in publishing, the connections between gender issues and economic, environmental, and global racism issues in places like the DRC and the Ivory Coast, and encouraged people to think intersectionally when advocating for GLBTQ rights. I’m not sure what we will accomplish this year, as the blog and its address have morphed again, but I am proud to be starting out a new year on this day in solidarity with all the women around the world. For all its flaws and all its bourgie necessities (access to internet, free time, regular electricity, etc.) blogging is still part of a global media revolution that connects women across personal and politcal war zones and unites us in struggles we might not otherwise know about it.

Happy International Women’s Day my blogging community!  If you have not done it already, let today be that day you commit to being a part of the change the world needs for ALL women, not just the ones who look like/think like/live like you, to be treated equally in this world!

International Women’s Day 2007

International Women’s Day 2008

International Women’s Day 2009

A statement from the March 8 Women’s Organization based in Afhganistan and Iran

Women around the world have articulated their needs every year on this day, and in every passing moment on this planet, with the clarity and understanding of a people who recognize oppression and what needs to change to end it. when we listen to women’s voices, we listen to the sound of revolution.


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