The L Word isn’t Over

update: there’s a spin-off in the works.

update II: Showtime passed on the rights to the spin off show and as of now no one has picked it up. It is unlikely the show will ever air, and that is a good thing according to inside sources.

For those of you who did not get enough of the first “multicultural” series based exclusively on the lives of lesbians, the series is not over. While it will not be playing on Showtime anymore, starting tomorrow, it will be airing short webisodesl-word1 at  L Word directors like the one featured during Black Herstory Month have been working with this format on their own projects with surprising success and clarity for some time and will no doubt bring that craft to the L word webisodes as well.  You can also watch the tribute videos collected by Jenny which were featured in the final episode but mostly talked over or left in the background.

As for who killed Jenny? I have always maintained the answer is: Jenny. From the first hint of a “murder mystery” to the promos to this last episode, I’ve never believed anyone would be more likely to end Jenny’s life than Jenny herself. She has had many bouts with mental disturbance throughout the show’s run that include lost time, cutting, and dysmorphia. The character was also written in such a way that I could see writers having Jenny intentionally kill herself as a last ditch effort to make everyone realize how important she really was, tho I don’t think that is what happened or that it is an accurate picture of suicidal ideation.  Instead, I think Jenny simply realized they’d had enough of her and her image of herself as somehow innocent crumbled. sojennyshaneln7This last episode seems to concur, even if it does not confirm. Even tho everyone around her is increasingly livid, Jenny is the one who says she knows they do not want her around and that they wish she’d shut up. She is the one who tells Shane if she left her, she’d “kill herself.”  And Jenny also says she doesn’t want to be “this way” anymore, but we all know Jenny has never chosen or been able to be any other way.

The sad thing is, I really don’t care how Jenny died. I disagree with Chaiken that she was “the lens through which we enter this world of LA lesbians.” Bette and Tina were how we entered, and that scene with them and Shane on her am stroll home is how we know who they are. This scene is so significant indana_lara fact, that they recreate it for the last episode.

Thus, I was far more interested in the storylines with Alice, Bette and Tina, and Helena than Jenny. And while I generally am not caught up in Kit’s storylines, except when Kelly Lynch was around, I thought there was interesting ground to cover with her new boyfriend. And as I have said before, I am deeply disappointed in what a warped version of Shane we were given this season and how, in many ways, Moenning seemed to phone it in.

I wonder what would the show have been like if they had not killed Dana and if Lara had at least been allowed to make a goodbye video . . . Dana was far more compelling than many of the ludicrous jennystorylines they offered up in the final days of the show, incuding that whole Dawn Dembo madness.

All of these things mattered to me more than Jenny. I think their own lives also mattered more to the characters in the show as well, despite their decision to forgive her (or perhaps as evidenced by it). Hence why I maintain Jenny killed herself.

There is a lot to say about what this show promised and what it actually delivered. I’m not sure I am going to be the one to weigh in on all of that, but I am sure everyone else will. So for those of you who have already been here searching for my review, I’m sorry. Happy searching elsewhere. 😀


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