Paging Molly Ringwald

Tell me this new French band doesn’t sound like some of the less techno background music in any of the John Hughes Molly Ringwald vehicles.

M83 – We Own the Sky

This video comes from a contest the band’s label had to make a video for the song. This is one of the only videos that had people of color in it. I chose it partially because of its creators’ ability to think beyond racial homogoneity and partially because I think it is literally the only video I have ever seen on youtube that wasn’t a PSA or some kind of mocking thing that features elders. How cool would it be for a song that has huge indie buzz and is no doubt about to break in the U.S. to feature something other than beautiful androgynous mainstream youth?

m83- Don’t Save Us From the Flames

And this one really is channeling all of the best of 80s new wave. If you cannot hear it, then all I can say to you is:

Blaine: Think you can recommend something else? A little less political?

Andie: Lionel Richie?

Blaine: Nah (Hughes 1986)


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