Random Happy from San Miguel de Allende

g2(this looks like the yard in my last house minus the red earth I love so much, but it is actually the shared garden at the BB)

As I was about to finally shuffle off to insomnia bedtime (ie the low hum of the tv, the click of a word game on the computer, and a warming cup of decaf tea that reminds me of the old place on the edge of Brighton) my gf says “If you really can’t sleep come look at this . . .” She is looking at places to stay in San Miguel de Allende. The place she points to is beautiful. A little masculine for me but soft enough with its terraces, bright hues, and yummy breakfast options. We are stopped in our tracks by an image of a fire place with a shaggy dog in front of it, just like home . . . Then she says, “you haven’t noticed the name yet, have you?” A smile spreads across my soul and my face at the exact same time. The BB is called Susurro and it is owned by a gay couple.

thepuppy(heck it even looks like one of our dogs)

Doesn’t take much to make me happy. I’m easy like that. And even tho when we travel we try to stay with friends and make lasting connections with people from the area rather than hideout in expat communities, all-inclusives, or other places where all the people are from somewhere, anywhere, but where you are currently staying, a B & B and some gay folk is always a welcome sight at the end of our travels. You know, when misanthropes like me just want to be completely alone and stare out on the beauty not worrying about explaining why alone does not mean 12 people on the bed all excitedly telling me about their day. (I love that too, but I’m N. American enough that sometimes alone really does mean all by myself. And no I don’t have gripa which wouldn’t stop the love from flowing into my alone time anyway.)

g(a private terrace attached to one of the rooms)

you can see all the beautiful pics of the place here.


all images have the citation in the photo and come from the Susurro website.


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