Facebook Violation

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I am disgusted to have to say this once again, but along with the recent influx of readers interested in my post on the WOC Collective CD has also come the first Facebook Violation of my copyright. And we all know what happens after that.  I’m a little disgusted to discover it may be a radical woman of color who feels my guidelines do not apply to her, despite everything, and I am hoping this is not the case. (I am almost certain who this person is, and tho her behavior is not surprising given the “moral authority” she thinks exempts her, it does not and the irony should not be lost here.)

If you have placed material from this blog behind your locked facebook account, I am asking you politely to stop it now. As I have said repeatedly, these closed sites lead to drama/misinformation and in the worst cases, they lead to threats that you may not intend but for which you are essentially responsible by encouraging communication closed off from the authors of the work that you are discussing. I’m hoping this was just a mistake and you are fixing it as you read this. Tho obviously experience has left my wary.

You should know that currently, there are several cases pending or recently settled to discuss the legal culpability of both webhosting sites and site administrators when and if their sites are involved in harassment, hate crimes, or potentially encouraging suicides. These cases were prompted by the recent deaths of two youth because of online harassment but will open the door for liability cases in other circumstances. Current bloggers’ rights include issues of copyright and libel and can be found by clicking the “blogger’s rights” icon on the top right hand side of this blog.

In case anyone was wondering, these petty dramas are why I like my space quiet.  The people who followed me here from my old blog months ago, or who have been readers from the beginning, have NEVER violated the guidelines here.  Why it is so hard for the rest of you, I will never know.  But rest assured I will not, as my grandma says, “follow up after foolishness” this time out. I will simply hand your name to the e-discovery team and let them work their legal magic. Should actionable harm come to me or my reputation, or should my written work be stolen, I will let the legal world sort it out without concern for what happens to you in court.

So again please, just stop it. It really does boil down to safety and respect.


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