Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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(US Pres Obama, Sinn Fein Gen Sec. Rita O’Hare and Sinn Fein Pres. Gerry Adams)

For those who do not know, one time radical HR activist, Gerry Adams, and other representatives of the unified government in “Northern Ireland” are meeting with Pres. Barack Obama and Sec State Hillary Clinton today and throughout this week. Their presence has drawn attention to the policy of diplomacy over conflict and equality for colonized and/or marginalized people in the global polity that is a cornerstone of the Obama Administration. A minor outbreak of voilence, in which 2 police officers and military were killed by a militant faction unaffiliated with either Sinn Fienn or the majority of the IRA, attempted to derail the focus of the visit and the progress of the Downing Street Declaration but failed in the face of U.S., unionist, IRA, and Sinn Fein condemnation. The effor to bring lasting peace and real equality to the 6 counties continues.

“Our goal is freedom and justice in Ireland, an end to British government involvement in our country, and the achievement of Irish unity.”


“This will include meeting Secretary of State Hilary Clinton . . . [that] allow[s] me to speak to her about the issue of the thousands of undocumented Irish who live and work here in the USA.”

Gerry Adams

(Sinn Fein)

(What, you were expecting a picture of a pint and some leprechauns? Seriously? Have you forgotten where you are?)


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