Quickies: Austrian Child Molester, Josef Fritzl, Gets Life

fritzl470Josef Fritzl, who I blogged about twice in May when the story broke, plead guilty to all charges against him related to the imprisonment and repeated rape of his daughter in a foot cellar in the family home over a period of 24 years. His plea also included the involuntary manslaughter charge for the refusal to get medical attention for his pregnant daughter that resulted in the death of one of her children (he was the father) and the subsequent burning of the baby’s corpse to hide the evidence.

Fritzl was given life in prison, perhaps as an ironic sentence meant to mirror the imprisonment and rape he forced on his own child.

People around the world continue to refer to him as a unique monster, but as I argued in May, Fritzl is not the only Austrian who kept a young girl in one of these cellars for the duration of her youth while sexually assaulting her, nor is the sexual assault of minors, women, or one’s own children unique. Instead these assaults a function of a sexist world that says women and girls have no right to bodily integrity at the hands of men’s desires for power, control, or dominance. Making Fritzly into a unique monster negates the ways in which his behavior is simply a more extreme version of the same behavior engaged in by men around the world, whether they are molesting their own children, raping their wives or girl friends or strangers, or engaging in child prostitution. Several sex abuse imprisonment scandals have rocked the U.S. in the past few years alone. Until we address the issue as systemic, there is always a chance that another Fritzl will pop up somewhere else.

In an unspeakable expression of sickness, 200 “lonely women” are reported to have sent in love letters to Fritzl saying they would willingly sleep with and comfort him. (Fritzl was married to his child’s mother the entire time he was abusing her and presumably sleeping with the child’s mother while raping her.  As I said in May, both his wife and the children he did not imprison in the cellar – which include children from the incest – claim they had no idea what was going on.)


image: Fritzl, the survivor, and the cellar room. The Sydney Morning Herald. unattributed


3 thoughts on “Quickies: Austrian Child Molester, Josef Fritzl, Gets Life

  1. Hello:

    I hope and pray that Elisabeth and her children will now have a normal life. It is so sad to fully understand what has happened to them. I will pray that they will find some happiness.

    God Bless

  2. How on earth could his wife and other children NOT know what was going ?!!!!. It woulld be very strange and questionable to me if my husband was keeping 1 of my children locked away in a basement….never letting her out, and also with the random new children popping up ! Where did his wife think that the children were coming from? !!!!!!…..on the side of the road? PLEASE !!!!!!!. I think that his wife and Elisabeth’s siblings should be charged and convicted as well !!!! This is a disgrace !!!!!. How could the wife and Elisabeths sibloings continue to allow this to go on !. Was he that much of a tyrant, that they feared him that much, not to tell on him.?!. Give Me A Break !!!. I’m sure that he used tactics to brainwash Elisabeth, her mother and her sibilings…but at some point, a person realizes that something is not right. I pray that GOD will help Elisabeth rebuild her life , and heal her 27 years of physical emotional,and spiritual destruction. In my opinion, the entire family should be charged and convicted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • there are many maladaptive coping skills non-offending parents use to avoid the truth about what is going on; it is not an excuse, but it is, unfortunately, fairly common from female partners of sexual predators to convince themselves they did not know or to displace their anger on to their children.

      As far as I know, Elizabeth has been building a new life successfully & her mother has moved to a small town with limited social interaction.

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