Quickies: US Joins the Rest of the Western World in Condemning the Criminalization of Homosexuality


(Hong Kong Gay Pride Ted Aljibe / Getty)

Obama has committed to signing a French authored UN Declaration decriminalizing homosexuality. The Bush Administration, along with the Islamic Bloc, the Vatican,  and other nations totaling 50 in all, refused to sign the bill in December of 2008. The decision, made the U.S. the only western country in the UN to side against gay rights and the protection of same sex couples, same sex desiring people, and transgendered folks from abuse, punishment, imprisonment, or death at the hands of the state or through state sanctioned neglect to investigate their abuse or murder at the hands of others. 66 other nations signed on.

The decision of the Obama administration to stand in solidarity with the rest of the western world against the criminalization of homosexuality and in support of transgendered and gender queer people marks an important step in recognizing the equality of GLBTQ folks in the U.S. as well as abroad by the new President, whose policies on homosexuality have far outreached his stance on marriage and his actions during the elections (and cabinet appointments).


2 thoughts on “Quickies: US Joins the Rest of the Western World in Condemning the Criminalization of Homosexuality

  1. I must say, given his views on same-sex marriage, I am a bit surprised. *sigh* Well, it seems like there is more hope out there then the fundamentalists would have us believe.

    • welcome to the blog Abigail. He has a fairly progressive stated platform on gay rights minus the marriage equality issues but his actions have not always lined up, so this is a good step forward.

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