Torchwood: Children of the Earth Coming Soon

Well, today is the day of quickies and what better place to get one then the Torchwood team?

The official release of the “season/series” preview is now up on youtube and from what I can tell, neither Freema nor James are among the returning cast. (For those who do not know, Freema Agyeman signed on for the cast of the British Law and Order, along with Jamie Bamber of BSG fame, and some say massive rewrites of Torchwood ensued). Instead, the team will only be the three remaining members of Torchwood (Gwen, Ianto, and Jack) along with Gwen’s husband Rhys and PC Andy (who has made a few quick appearances in the series so far as Gwen’s old friend/colleague).  Cast members have hinted there will be surprise guests throughout however.

Freema on Torchwood/Dr. Who

The basic plot of the 5 episode show:

All the children of the earth have gone off the deep end b/c of an alien plot (?) that is supposedly more elaborate and intense than any other before. As always, the Torchwood team does their best to protect Earth and save the children. This time around they will also be fending off someone who wants to expose their existence to the world. An elite team will also target Torchwood for “elimination” to hide something from the past.  Much of the series will involve delving into human cruelty as much as the alien/rift issues of the show. (Oh, and despite early rumors about the sanitizing of the scripts, there will be smooching . . .)

In some ways, the trailer is like a more intense version of Clive Barker’s horror film Plague, in which the children of the Earth simply stopped moving one day and were subsequently placed in hospital while people tried to figure out what happened. Then, out of the blue, they all reanimated in a trance-like state hunting down the un-afflicted adults. It was low budget and under-developed. Torchwood is seldom either. Yet the comparison did pop into my mind.

Here is Eve Myles telling us absolutely nothing about the new series. I so love it when they do that . . . (Can you feel me frowning?!)

You can see the Director of the series tell us absolutely nothing as well, in part 1 of this interview, over at the BBCAmerica site here. One thing he does say is that the cost of the series may be the reason for the decreased season as much as anything else . . .

While we wait for Torchwood Season/Series 3, we get to sit through a much cheaper reality show with lovable John “Captain Jack” Barrowman doing his most earnest encouragement of the “talent” from the judges seat.  Guess which show I’ll be watching?


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