Update on the Status of Women in Afghanistan

Women for Women for International would like everyone to know about today’s Public Broadcasting spotlight on the status of women in Afghanistan that includes interviews with women with whom they work.  The issue of women’s rights in Afghanistan helped fuel nationalist feminist support for the war in 9/11 but soon fell out of discussion as global feminists and decolonized anti-racist feminists in the U.S. pointed out that wars such as this one, have never benefited women, nor were women’s rights in Afghanistan a cause for national concern in the U.S. before the decision to invade but when the Taliban were taking over or still very much in power.


We must now return to discussions of the status of women in Afghanistan for multiple reasons:

  1. we are culpable in the current instability of the lives of Afghan women and girls
  2. an adviser to the president quoted off the record said that “women’s issues” may have to be left behind in order to win the war in Afghanistan
  3. Pres. Obama has recommitted us to a war in a region we once claimed was Russia’s Vietnam and in which those same military advisers warned was unwinable regardless of the circumstance

By listening to Afghan women outline their needs and what they want from us as global feminists, hopefully we can actually stand in solidarity with them from an anti-colonial perspective while also pushing for an end to this war in allegiance with the well being of both of our nations. You can read the Women for Women International 2009 report on the status of Afghan women here.

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