Earth Hour 8:30-9:30 Today


The annual event to save energy and raise awareness about environmentalism and pollution is today.  Part of the purpose of Earth Hour is to both show how much energy we use by turning it off and also to witness what conserving only an hour’s worth of energy could mean for lowering the global carbon footprint.

At the same time, like wearing a bracelet or those 5 second “hug a child” “save a tree’ PSAs, the event has not translated into any sizeable lasting change in consumption or awareness. So while I encourage you to participate tonight, I also want to encourage getting involved in long term commitment to decolonized environmentalism like that put forward by Shiva or LaDuke.

Here is a list of readings put together by Keepers of the Water to start to raise your own awareness or maybe even encourage you to start your own reading group as a first step in learning how to be a better steward of the world we all share.

2 thoughts on “Earth Hour 8:30-9:30 Today

    • LOL. That is the best critique of what is missing in this conversation I’ve seen yet. I too have them regularly when I am back on la isla and we don’t throw a party in celebration either.

      Oh well, maybe some day the west will include thoughts of “the rest” in their “global” activism . . .

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