The One Where I Laugh so Hard I . . .

Despite the fact it is Palm Sunday and I have a house full of regular guests and special guests, I’m surfing the internet in my closed office. The beauty of this exile is that I am flooding my blog with enough posts to cover the days we will be away, hopefully having a blissful time, and that I found this:

As much as I shouldn’t be praising snark, lest I invite it here, I love that she is actually responding to an act of bigotry where she actually gets in some great cultural critique about stereotype while saying so in one of the most public forums on the internet. Her actual use of the text in question to prove her point not only illustrates how little youtube (aka google) monitors what is said in comments there but also that what is actually said to her matters and is the basis for her response. Nothing stands up better than text except maybe perception (my gf has a joke “perception is 9/10ths of a lynch mob”)

There are all kinds of things we could say about claiming that Aborigines have no right to claim the nation upon which they are indigenous or that white Australians were born in Australia rather than resettled there by their government as undesirables and colonials. Umm, the logic might be a tadbit backward there . . . But for now, let’s just bask in her anti-orientalism and pro-immigrants’ rights smack down, shall we?

2 thoughts on “The One Where I Laugh so Hard I . . .

  1. Hey, I can’t believe you are locked up in your office looking at youtube you dork! Come downstairs or answer the knocking ‘cs we all know you are not working!!!!

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