Grading Funnies

B/c I will likely not be able to log in again before I get to the city and then conferencing in NJ, I wanted to leave something funny at the top of the page for all of you grading papers right now. (And no, I have not missed how my disability makes this particular lesson seem ironic.) I should also note that I have serious concerns with the way race and disability are mobilized in this video but that is a longer discussion. (Obviously, I am deeply concerned about why certain kinds of oppressions can be mobilized in order to foreground certain others and why we still have not developed a language of decolonized praxis and mutuality. And these are issues that I want to delve into with this video as a group when I get back, if we can. But for now, the info about grammar and the catchy tune had me cracking up when I was grading last year so I thought it might lighten the mood for a lot of us.) As always, feel free to weigh in on whatever aspects you want.


4 thoughts on “Grading Funnies

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