Keep Talking

ok, seriously this time, we are off to the conference and I am not blogging again until we get back on Monday unless something really bloggable happens.

I don’t live blog conferences but there are a couple of panels I’ll likely blog about while gone.  The guest bloggers who usually hold down the fort in my absence are also going to the conference this year so it is dead air space. Comments are still on moderation, but I will approve them when I get back if you leave one (should be back Monday). Until then, sorry.


6 thoughts on “Keep Talking

  1. long time lurker, de-lurking here just to say I’m sorry for the witch hunt. I got what both of u were saying & I think the drama is totally unreasonable.

    u do good work. keep it up.

    • welcome to the blog LurkerB. thank you. It is what it is. We have to see each other as human to talk to each other. dehumanize and you lose that opportunity.

  2. I am soooooo sorry . . . anyone who lies and rants while name calling is out of line. but this is the same person who wrote a death threat to a queer organization & then claimed she was the victim when the blog owner told her that was out of line, so don’t sweat them. They’ll find someone else to threaten in a week or two.

    • Hi Alice. I read that. It was awfully explicit and detailed. But I believe it has been withdrawn even deleted so the only record left it the blog owner’s response and the various people’s response to him. I see why you are pointing to a pattern, especially since from what I can see it took 2 days not 7 (tho in fairness, some of what is being said about oppression seems justified in all of these cases and that is what makes it hard for some to separate out what is not.)

      Ultimately, each of us has to take responsibility for own behavior and then recognize that we cannot control what other people do or say. When I forget that, I stumble.

  3. Hey Prof.

    FYI – voz has picked fights on every major feminist blog + some of the major queer ones (3 in the last 2 weeks). U should feel honored. Or very afraid . . .

    “u don’t txt message so u need to go to school” . . . If I call ageism on that mb she’ll fight w/me

    thanks for all u do here. Come back soon.

    • Welcome to the blog Aryen. I think enough “ism” accusations have been bandied about as it is, tho there are many that apply that were not recognized in that forum. Ultimately, I think it is unproductive to move from talking about oneself – taking accountability, standing up for misrepresentation, etc – to reaction and disrespect.

      I should have simply said “I take exception to your implication that I am too racist, classist, and transphobic to see the difference between a white wealthy woman and a twoc especially since the post says the exact opposite” and then exited the conversation. The very fact that it was originally implied I was rich and white is proof something is terribly wrong with conversation. (that I am cissexual, my dis/ability struggles w/the medical industry are less important than anyone else’s, my advocacy work is “made up,” & talking about my experience as proof that I am not ignorant of the issues at hand is somehow talking over the experience of a person whose experiences I don’t know and didn’t reference or calling anyone stupid, or that my gratitude for my freedom is proof that I am never targeted by the police or just as likely as another other person of color to be shot by them while standing on a platform, coming out of my home, or unlocking my front door, all resonate far more w/me than the assertion that not speaking text-message means I am a moron, I only know what I read in books, or I am somehow responsible for someone else’s eviction or them being online instead of packing so as to avoid the sheriff’s arrival to evict them.)

      Where she was right, about me having educational privilege and speaking with a tone of anger, she is right. Where she is wrong, I have chosen to get over it and let it go b/c there is little else productive I can do.

      We can’t solve our problems by creating a false image of the people we disagree with and then declaring a litany of falsehoods “the truth” from which that other person must then react or be crucified. The conflicts you mention are all in print and hopefully people read each in context, with a discerning eye, and also as part of a larger picture.

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