Sexual Freedom and LGBT People of Color in Texas Conference

If you live in Texas, are qwoc, and are not on the Allgo mailing list you should be. Not only do they do important work on queer rights issues in the state but they are also having a series of conference calls that have been really provocative.  And they are planning a statewide summit for qwoc activists.

You must be LGBT of color to participate and on the mailing list.

Here is the info for both events:

Sexual Freedom and LGBT People of Color in Texas Conference

Call DATE: Thursday, April 9, 2009

TIME: 6:30 – 8:00

The Action Team conference series seeks to advance our collective knowledge and advocacy about issues of concern through our Multi-Issue Action Teams. Currently efforts are focused in the areas of Anti-Violence, Immigrant and Refugee Rights, Sexual Freedom, and Reproductive Justice.

The 3rd of these conversations will highlight how sexual freedom issues impact our lives, what is taking place in Texas and how these issues are related to immigration, anti-violence and reproductive justice. Topics will include such areas as HIV policy, gender identity issues, and other issues.

Participants will report on what is happening on the ground in their communities and then we will discuss the implications of these initiatives, review a possible action tool and discuss next steps.

Statewide Queer People of Color Summit


DATE: May 16-19,2009

The Texas Queer People of Color Statewide Summit, is a gathering of individual and organizationally connected activists coming together to build relationship, think critically, envision liberation, and create strategies that build and sustain a queer people of color movement across the state of Texas.

The Summit is a space to dialogue about how we can build a movement coming from a place of engaging possibilities rather than a place of fighting, and that works to create our own power. The Summit is also intended to explore how we can carry out this work in a way that is sustainable and supportive in a continuum of movement building.

Themes of the conference include:

  • honoring our history
  • strengthening our network
  • growing and sustaining the movement
  • creating possibilities for economic and social change in queer communities of color that bring about liberation from the inside out


  1. Bring together activists, groups and organizations for two days to network, build community, share and strategize around issues significant to LGBT people of color, and develop an action plan.
  2. Create a space for reflection and critical analysis on how to build a sustainable movement beginning from within.
  3. Explore the possibilities of internalized liberation and envisioning the world we seek to create.
  4. Establish working commitments to build on queer people of color liberation efforts statewide.
  5. Strengthen the statewide network of groups, individuals, activist, and organizations working for queer liberation.

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