Transgender Health Conference in Philly Needs Volunteers

While hanging out in Philly’s famed gayborhood area discussing gentrification in PA and Trenton NJ, we took some time out to hang with some old friends actively working on Transgendered health issues.  Turns out there is an upcoming conference and it is free to community members. The conference is split up between provider days and community days to honor everyone’s work and voices and to ensure that community members are centered. Two days are dedicated to community voices and community needs and process groups (6/12-13). These days include both youth and family specific tracks. One day, the opening day, is dedicated to provider research and outreach (6/11). For those hoping to specialize in transgender health, there are CEUs available for the provider day.

(Just to be clear, the Trans-health conference was originally started by transgendered community members and chosen provider allies. There are transgendered providers speaking on the provider days as are cisgendered allies. The provider-community distinction is being made between not between identities but between a provider led event and a community and providers together event with this event being the latter. Anybody who has ever been to a provider-only or provider dominated conference is clear on what the thinking was behind this.)

Keynote Speakers for the event are:

  • Julia Serano – Oakland based poet, writer, feminist, and transgender activist.
  • Lisa OConnor – Former military officer and current medical director specializing in GLBT services with a practice that has become 95% transgendered patients

If you live in the area, my friends say that VOLUNTEERS ARE DESPERATELY NEEDED. Please consider giving your time and not just passing this info on. (They are also creating a local mentors database. If you would like to sign up, and live in the area, please click here.)

Here is the official anouncement, you can find out more at the website Phildelphia Trans-Health Conference

Different Paths… One Journey

June 11-13, 2009

Pennsylvania Convention Center

In June of 2009, more than one thousand transgender, genderqueer, and gender variant individuals and their families, friends, allies and providers will converge on the Pennsylvania Convention Center to participate in the 8th Annual Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference. Geographically, they will come from all parts of the country. In a metaphoric sense, they may be coming from different places as well; different perspectives, different experiences. But they will all come with the same purpose in mind; to learn, to share, to grow. Truly, different paths…one journey.

The Planning Committee of the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference (PTHC) is planning a conference comprised of more than one hundred presentations, workshops, speakers, meetings, films, and social activities. We remain committed to providing the bulk of these free of charge during Community Days, and with only nominal charges during Providers Day.

It is our goal, and our sincere wish that you find your journey is enriched in some way through your participation in this conference. Please check back on this site often for the latest updates on programming and other conference notes.

Please note: While Community Days remains FREE OF CHARGE, we are asking ALL attendees (for both Providers Day and Community Days) to Pre-register either online, or using our mail-in form, so that we may be prepared for the numbers of attendees.

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