Spotlight: Eve Sedgwick

sedgwick_eve_kosofskyEve Sedgwick died this week. Like so many who teach queer studies, I am moved by how much she contributed to the field without really becoming one of its rock stars. Every year, I find a reason to reference Espitemology of the Closet a text that helps temper the brazenness of my new students and give language to the reticence of my “new” students.  All the gems she left us in her body of work are intimately tied up in the memory of that book coming out, walking into a colleagues office, and having her wink at me as she turned the cover to face me. It’s hard to describe it, but even tho I don’t teach literature, and she was first and foremost a literary scholar, it feels like we – that collective, queer studies, we – lost something wonderfully transcendent of discipline this week.

Eve Sedgwick is one of the most important pioneering queer theorists, and I always imagined she would live forever. And in many ways, she will.

-Koke Velvetpark

You can read more about her life and work here.


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