Twitter Hack

Someone from inside twitter just entered my blog as the administrator. After searching twitter myself, I am thinking this is some weird glitch they have been having since late last month, however I find the whole thing suspect since I don’t have a twitter account.

This email is just an FYI to let you twitter folks know that I have alerted my e-dscovery team to look into the problem and that we may be on lock down until someone can tell me what this hack madness is about.

10 minute warning!!!

3 thoughts on “Twitter Hack

    • According to the twitter info pages, if you have a twitter account something in the programming was logging people in to other people’s accounts or when they posted “tweets” it was posting in other people’s accounts at the end of last month. Since wordpress was encouraging users to link their twitter accounts to their blogs, it seems like maybe the “glitch” transferred b/c I can’t think of any other reason someone from twitter could get access to admin functions.

      the good news is, it hasn’t happened again since I posted this warning, so I think either the last bits of the “glitch” have been fixed & it was a mistake or the person responsible figured out I keep close watch on the interworkings of this blog and willingly take action when needed.

  1. I’m afraid of Twitter. I don’t have Facebook problems because of the way I’ve set it but I’d never link it to anything else … it seems to me that the linking of different systems is just too chancy. Glad it didn’t happen again.

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