Another One Bites the Dust: WS @ WSU on the Chopping Block

WSU Pullman is about to lose their Women’s Studies Program. The state is considering a 20-26% reduction in the budget for higher education and a 7% increase in tuition that barely effects the loss. As far as I know, it is the the only campus in the WSU system with Women’s Studies. The legislature has until April 26, 2009, 5 days from now, to decide if it will cut Women’s Studies or not. Students have had a rally already and the School of Liberal Arts, Dean of Diversity, and the Program have all been encouraging students and faculty to lobby the legislature. I am not really sure what people outside of Washington can do, but here are the contacts for letters supporting WS:
E-mail WSU President Elson S. Floyd:
Call: (509) 335-1066 or (509) 335-6666

E-mail Assistant to the President Larry Ganders: Call: (360) 956-2165

E-mail Michael J. Tate, Vice President for Student Affairs, Equity & Diversity: or Call: (509) 335-8888

E-mail WSU Provost Warwick M. Bayly:
Call: (509) 335-5381

E-mail WSU Board of Regents at:

E-mail WSU CLA Dean Doug Epperson:
Call: (509) 335-4582

E-mail, Fax, or Call WA State Governor Chris Gregoire:
Fax a Letter or Note to: (360) 753-4110
Call: (360) 902-4111


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