Revelations and Introspection

I was looking through the day in pictures at BBC News and was struck by two images. The first (not pictured) was a ritual in Argatala India in which two frogs were being married in the hopes of bringing rain. The image was a close up of the frightened looking bull frogs.  The second image (below) was of a priest standing in an earthquake destroyed village called Onna, in Italy, awaiting the arrival of the Pope. If you are Catholic, or Christian of any kind, you should recognize why these images stuck with me in the midst of a flu pandemic . . .


My friends and I often start or end our phone conversations with a simple phrase these days “Repent b/c the end is near.” It is a signal to one another that we are about to discuss great devastation or human cruelty that the others may not already know about. It is also a recognition that in these times we need to be more faithful, more committed to social justice, and strong enough to stand against the tide.

As I stared into the downcast face of that Italian priest, I was literally struck silent. For those who have different faiths than mine, you may see this image and this post and think it is just the “religulous” in me. But for me there was a strong message in that image about who we need to be and all that we have not been for far too long.


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