Blog Against Disablism Day

Everywhere around the world, differently-abled people are incarcerated in poorly funded and/or poorly trained programs, prisons, or group homes. The MDRI has created a short film documenting their research into the ongoing problem in Latin America, Central Europe, and elsewhere. The film, Forgotten People, can be seen by clicking the title or clicking here. While many think of the incarceration of the differently-abled as an antiquated solution absent from the so-called “First World,” one needs only look at the prison population to see how many differently-abled people, particularly those who sit at the intersections of class, race, and/or gender and dis/ability, end up in jail. While many overly developed nations have state of the art mental health facilities and groups homes for people with MRDDs, they also have abusive places and providers who are abusers and predators. Thus the issue of state sanctioned ablism is a global one.

  • For a list on dis/ability rights and Universal Declarations on the Rights of the Differently-abled click here
  • If you are aware of a facility in your area that needs investigating and litigation to protect people’s rights, consider alerting Disability Rights Advocates

Many differently-abled people are advocating for themselves and for their communities. Please consider working to support these efforts and not just those who provide top down charity to differently-abled folks.  (When I am back to blogging, I will spend some time on these organizations, but I did not want to miss writing today.)

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