Pizza Man Saves Alleged Rape & Kidnap Victim

RETRACTION 6/08/09:  Despite what was originally reported here, that “Jansen is potentially a repeat offender” (emphasis added) , it appears there are two David Jansen’s in the GA area potentially involved in sex crimes. David J. Jansen (whose name and source for the image were listed under his photo) was arrested for allegedly kidnapping and raping a GA woman in a cabin in TN. David James Jansen (whose name and source for the image were indicated under the photo) was arrested for “child sexual abuse activity and using a computer in the commission of a crime” with what he believed to be a GA teenage girl.  According to David J. Jensen’s legal team, these are not the same men; the former Jansen’s middle name (not given in any of the articles used for this piece) is Joseph.

We at Like a Whisper make every attempt to cross-check our facts with various mainstream news sources and/or interview and primary resource data.  When searching Google Images for a photo for this piece, the name used in the articles consulted, ie David J Jansen, resulted in David James Jansen’s image appearing at the following Macomb Co Sheriff’s Office link: here. However, we apologize for including information about David James Jansen in this post as a result and for any resulting equation of David J. Jansen and David James Jansen. All reference to David James Jansen has been removed from the post. End Update.


(David J. Jansen 2009/AP Photo)

David J. Jansen has been arrested in a case that statistics indicate would likely have turned deadly if not for quick thinking pizza delivery man Chris Turner. Jansen allegedly invited the co-owner of a GA restaurant and bar he frequented to see his new car after pulling up alongside her jogging route. When she got in, she claims he tied her up and took her across state lines to a remote cabin in TN. He then allegedly raped her and kept her tied up for days. Often in these cases, suspects have already planned out the murder of their victims or eventually kill them because they cannot think their way out of the multiple crimes they have already committed. According to his alleged victim, Jansen didn’t have time to escalate but she believed he intended to kill her.

On Monday night David J. Jansen ordered a pizza at his remote cabin in the woods. His alleged victim lay on the couch bound. The pizza delivery man, whose wife came with him on the delivery, saw the woman pop up on her knees and wave her bound arms above her. He said her eyes pleaded with him as she mouthed “call 911” over and over. Both the woman’s own self-advocacy and she and Turner’s quick thinking likely saved her life.

Turner went down the road to a neighbor and called the police, then waited to ensure the suspect did not leave the house and the woman was still alive.

Often, we see domestic and sexual violence incidents, and/or incidences of racial intimidation or homophobic bullying, as we are going to and from work or about our daily lives. How many of us call 911 or attempt to intervene? And when we do, how many times do the police turn us, especially if we are women calling about DSV or poc or trans, into suspects by interrogating us and questioning our motives or relationships to the incident? Often our own experiences with policing combines with the general societal attitude “not to get involved” to prevent us from acting. While Chris Turner certainly could have gone into denial or decided the incident was a joke, he didn’t and b/c the woman was smart and took the pizza delivery as an opportunity to alert someone and Turner put her safety over his own, she is now safely recovering in the hospital and an alleged rapist and kidnapper are in jail. Something to think about the next time you see violence against a stranger during your day. I know I will.


source for this article Yahoo News and MSNBC

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