Prince Harry Visits NYC & The U.S. Ignores One Key Thing . . .

As footage of Prince Harry’s visit, punctuated by giddy announcers explaining his itinerary, moved across my screen, I found myself wondering if I was the only one who remembers Harry’s Nazi costume party in 2005?

It seemed odd to me that his visit to a city with one of the largest populations of Jewish people in N. America, where there are museum exhibits documenting the Holocaust and condemning Nazis and Nazism, would lead to such positive reaction for a young man who wore a Nazi “Africa Expedition” uniform to a swanky costume party alongside his blonde-blue-eyed girlfriend in matching swastika. As a historian that recognizes the specific type of Nazi uniform he chose, I also find it disconcerting that he was being celebrated after choosing the “Africa Expedition” uniform just before he went of to Iraq and Afghanistan. Since that uniform represents the Nazi’s attempt to take over both Africa and the Middle East. Comments he made in 2006, just one year after the party, further illustrate why his decision to dress as a Nazi was neither without import nor an anomaly:

Tho he apologized for the comments in the video, after they made headlines, one insider pointed out that Harry used the term “rag head” often.

Every time, I see him, I find myself thinking that this is not the son Princess Diana would have raised had she survived that fatal car crash. And even tho it took until late late night talk shows for someone else to point out the same thing, I am glad to know I wasn’t the only one wondering at how easily our nation condemns certain genocides, and even the failure to include the Queen in the Normandy celebration, while celebrating someone who clearly doesn’t get it.

(scroll to 6:20 for Ferguson’s critique)

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