The One Where the Prof is Psychic (Or Maybe a Mouse Eating Lizard Woman . . .)

I had this conversation a while back when I was in one of my particularly cranky moods:

gf: Did you hear BionicWoman is tankingV
me: ‘cos it sucks
hir: And Rose McGowen might play Barbarella but no one will fund the movie
me: ‘cos that would suck
hir: There’s talk of Beyonce playing Wonder Woman. Everyone is excited b/c she is the first woman of color to play her
me: umm, except Linda Carter who was Latina, but whatever.
hir: oh and Terminator is going to be remade too. Before you say it’s gonna suck, it stars Christian Bale
me: you know, they’re gonna run out of things to ruin.  What’s next V?

ABC has just announced a re-imagined V will be part of their mid-season lineup for Spring 2010.

Interestingly, it doesn’t look like it is going to suck, but I initially thought that when gf told me they’d cast Christian Bale as John Connor. Hey, it’s not an exact science . . .



  • “Diana Prince”

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