Happy Birthday Sasha Obama

The young child who captivated most of N. America with her spunk and energy, and yes a little hamming for the camera, turns 8 today. 😀

sasha(cropped AP Photo/unattributed at source)

Since her parents are handling official diplomatic business in Paris, the littlest Obama got to hear happy birthday sung to her by the French President himself and a bevy of others.

Many have criticized the Obamas for Michelle and the girls joining their husband during the last leg of his trip. They seem to have forgotten how many actual vacation days the former president took during his 8 years in office and that the Obamas have their own money and salaries, not just a tax payer giveaway that are supposedly skimming off the top. The harsh inequalities of politics are never too far behind the bright lights and adoration the First Family seems to inspire. Here’s hoping both Sasha and Malia learn the great things about our world with joy and the bad things with a discernment that is beyond their years.


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