Happy 1000: Quote of the Week

Today, the blog hit and then surpassed 1000 posts! And I thought it was only fitting to reflect on the meaning of writing by quoting an woc poet discussing the virtues of writing, inspired by a Latino writer, at a multi-culti event in Cali. Both the context in which it was written and its sentiment reflects the most important reasons that I write this blog:

Certainly we write, we come to write, because we have something to say, because we have a story to tell, because we have been paying attention, because we witness, because we want to leave a record of what we have seen and what we know. To write, and to publish then, is to provide evidence.

– Barbara Jane Reyes

I could tell you about the wild ride this blog has been and why I keep at it after so many behind the scenes dramas, (and yes it is partially all the joy my regular readers bring), but I think Reyes sums the whole thing up best.

This blog is not an extension of my academic career and it is not a launch pad for celebrity. It is simply, the musing of woc academic sitting firmly and unabashedly on the precipice of intersecting identities and saying “today I write without worry of what my peers may say or do in response; Today, I embrace the voice that publishing often smooths out until all the margins are rounded down into a slightly larger mirror of the center and let it spill out in all of its self-righteous, occassionally fluffy, urgent, jagged glory.”

(what you thought I’d mention the 1000th post w/out acknowledging that 1/2 of them are about

Dr. Who and Torchwood? Do you read this blog?)

Thanks for coming along for the ride! πŸ˜€


8 thoughts on “Happy 1000: Quote of the Week

    • thanks lurker. πŸ˜€ I was beginning to think my stats saying people read this blog every day were of phantom readers . . .

  1. long time lurker here. don’t worry prof, I may not talk but I come every morning to read. πŸ˜€ thanks for all you do!

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