Free Training On LGBTQI Youth in NYC

Bianca Loreano, a Master Trainer with the National Association of Social Workers/Lambda Legal LGBTQ Out-Of-Home Youth project, is offering free two part trainings on LGBTQI youth issues to anyone interested in the NYC area. The trainings are tailored made for each agency or provider network and all materials are also free.

From her blog:

This collaboration began to provide youth and service providers information and support for young LGBTQ people who are involved with the child welfare, juvenile justice, and homeless service systems. I am providing FREE trainings for service workers (social workers, social work students, case workers, case managers, directors, program managers, program directors, and everyone else working with LGBTQ youth.

Her research area has been on the connections between media, sexual expression and sexuality, and GBTQ Latinos (men) and reproductive health of Latinas from a feminist perspective.

You can contact her via her blog at the link above for more information or by filling out the simple to use request form here.

Specific services offered by the Lambda Legal LGBTQ Out-of-Home Youth Project are listed below:


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