Iranians Rally Again Today Amidst Continued Media Suppression

womenprotestersWomen Protesters Hold sign reading “Don’t Let Others Grab Your Revolution”

(Flickr/ Hamad Saber)

7 people are reportedly dead and several 100s, possibly 1000s, are injured from street clashes with the police over the recent Iranian elections. Witnesses say that they saw state backed militia firing from rooftops on the mostly peaceful protesters. Despite most of the images of protesters and injured being men, some women have been seen in group shots of the protests and, as pictured above, holding signs in support of a recount.

Yesterday, the Ayatollah Khoemenei called for a recount and a curb to the protests against the election results. The details of that recount include:

  • the presence of all 4 candidates for President
  • a limited, and as yet unspecified, number of ballots to recounted as representative of the whole
  • commitment of candidates and citizens to abide by the recount findings

Mousavi supporters do not trust that a cleric run recount will accurately reflect the votes anymore than the announced winner did for them 2 days ago. Part of the distrust comes from the clerics endorsing Ahmadinejad early on in the post-election chaos, something they had hoped would end the protests.

protesti(Flickr/Hamed Saber)

Media suppression also continues. Foreign Press began evacuating after the Iranian government informed them their visas would not be renewed. And others report that at least 10 Iranian journalists have been arrested for unspecified charges. People taking cellphone pictures of the violence against protesters have also been being rounded up according to a news report from Paris this a.m. The total number of people currently under arrest is unclear and is likely to remain that way for some time.

For his part, Ahmadinejad is said to have left the country for a visit with Russian President Medvedev.


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