More on Education Without the Dream Act

What happens to youth who have spent their whole lives in N. America, going to school, working, and dreaming of their futures only to find out that they have no legal status and no path to citizenship?

Please support pathways to legal status for immigrant youth and the right to education. If you can, come out to the rallies today and get involved. (see post below this one for links to rallies in your area) If you cannot go to a rally/graduation, write the President and let him know that young adults should not be punished for a life time for decisions that were made when they were too young to be left behind.

2 thoughts on “More on Education Without the Dream Act

  1. Thank you for sharing this information. I learn so much from you.🙂

    I wonder how many US citizens are aware of this issue?

    • well, I worry that fewer people than hoped know, especially since the Pres’ press conference means no one covered the Dream Act Graduation on national news . . .

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