Transformers: Exactly What Meets the Eye


I’m too angry right now to even discuss the racism in Transformers. I thought that Scifi execs learned their lesson when Jar Jar Binks was universally trashed by fans. But here’s the thing that makes Transformers even worse: THERE ARE NO BUCK TOOTHED, GOLD TOOTHED, ILLITERATE, STREET HUSTLER PT ICE CREAM TRUCK TRANSFORMERS IN THE FRANCHISE. AND NONE OF THEM ARE NAMED MC MOFO (not pictured)


Skids and Mudflap (it takes two of them to make one funky truck b/c you know, they’re slow) are a creation sprung entirely from Michael Bay and his writer’s heads. They are pictured above as their broken down ice cream truck selves and already on sale at Walmart (seriously).  And in oh-so-WTFness, they get a remake mid-movie that comes complete with gold tooth. You know ‘cos Transformers like to “pimp their rides” just as much as any ridiculous stereotype of black people do in the wet dreams of suburbanites and Hollywood producers. (And yes, as part of the upgrade, one of them is renamed MC Mofo)


And of course, the official poster of the pair has them posing gangsta style. No, not a racial stereotype at all Bay. I mean you know, the Bell curve is all true, it’s a wonder I got a PhD. And oh my gosh, trying to get my thug on for my new CD is so hard while outrunning the swat team backward on the freeway . . . man, I wish I was an ice cream truck then I could transform down the freeway and feed my munchies all at the same time. Who needs to read when you have ice cream?!

It’s bad enough they made a female transformer with headlights for breasts in bright pink (I wrote about her earlier) but now this . . . ?!?!!!???!!! Do they come with their own crack pipe to pass around while explaining “we don’t read much”?!? (Yes this is an actual line in the movie)

As someone who owned an original edition Optimus Prime, yes the metal ones with the projectile fists not the plastic cheaped down version, and who has seen all of the episodes and even the animated movie, I’m going to tell you that I am not only offended by Hollywood’s constant insistence in creating racist characters as “entertaining caricatures” for summer but also by the insistence in taking beloved storylines – be they Star Trek, Terminator, or Transformers – and turning them into insipid, offensive, drivel for tweens that I hope tank faster than the re-incarnation of the Bionic Woman!

You can read an objective and thorough post about this racist bs, by someone who called it racist even tho he thinks people like me are PC, here. I’m done.

9 thoughts on “Transformers: Exactly What Meets the Eye

    • welcome to the blog. I am away from my office so I cannot give you some good cites to check on how to critically analyze identity in film but the link in-post is to an article that actually interrogates the characters and this piece ( has a really interesting analysis of the evasiveness and disappointment of people involved in the film surrounding the two characters. I think either link would give you a better intellectual perspective than my rant which is obviously and clearly critical intellectual engagement light. If you didn’t see it, I doubt my rant will be as elucidating as these two piece or any number of others that have cropped up discussing these two characters as among the most offensive aspects of the film. (Others have commented on the female characters, especially the transformer, as I do elsewhere on the blog.)

      • welcome to the blog. The female transformer? I thought I put the link in the post, you can find it using the search engine top right if I didn’t/don’t do it soon.

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