Every morning I sit down to write about current affairs, from MJ’s passing to the anniversary of Stonewall (which was yesterday for those not in the know), to issues of cross-community communication and trans health issues, to the meaning of the blogosphere now that it has gone commercial and everyone wants to be a blogging superstar. I want to talk about the women whose images are once again being manipulated for imperialism and the women whose abuse is going unmarked b/c our nationalist interests do not line up w/ their causes. And yet, as I sit here, each morning, I find my voice comes and goes as my mind wanders back to my real life concerns: making sure our family is healthy, deciding whether to take the early retirement pov u is warning is the last bargaining chip before they start cutting jobs and programs completely, mentoring the youth at the day center, and trying to get through the endless streams of paper I promised to read, promised to write, promised to review . . .

And while I wish someone, anyone, would show the same amount of outrage over the way Ryan O’Neill attached himself to Farrah Fawcett in her final months on the planet after alleged domestic violence abuse cited in their initial break up that they are showing Chris Brown (who deserves it) or MJ (who might), I realize someone else is going to have to carry that torch for now.

Blogging takes more brain power than a handful of tweets on twitter and it takes more energy than I have to give you while members of my family (both animal and human) are losing battles with life-threatening diseases.

so here’s some links to the topics of the day:

  • Please sign the pledge to stop censorship sponsored by the PEN American Center here
  • Thought-provoking piece on Michael Jackson’s passing here
  • unconfirmed posts say that MJ’s accuser has now recanted csa charges blaming father instead (I’m not linking until or if there is ever confirmation), confirmed reports show a history of abuse and enmeshment btwn the boy and his dad here (the acquittal is also being brought up again in the other case. ultimately we will never know the truth, if he was innocent it is a tragedy exacerbated by isms that helped vilify him, if he was guilty there is a special place in hell waiting & he lived a lesser version of it in his last years exacerbated by the isms that clouded the real issue: children)
  • The woman who most Stonewall witnesses say was instrumental in the historic event (which is often represented as white, male, and gay as opposed to multi-culti and multi-gendered) has now been identified here
  • Stonewall documents are now available on online archive here
  • Trans women’s health links here (http://questioningtransphobia.wordpress.com/2009/06/28/update-on-trans-women-friendly-health-care-in-nol/ sorry no direct link on this one, I’m boycotting wordpress’ automatic trackback system)
  • the book giveaway ends this week and next week we will be giving away two videos Stranger Inside to coincide with the start of the black lesbian lit reading group and Were the World Mine

3 thoughts on “Absences

  1. Hi, Prof.

    Unfortunately, Farrah got lost; not easy dying on the same day as MJ. But, your point is well-made, and, while the White Feminists were talking about abortion and the monetary value of eggs versus sperm, not one addressed the domestic abuse Farrah Fawcett suffered at the hands of Ryan O’Neil. And, yes, it is distgusting how he married her in the eleventh hour – literally. But, as I sit here, writing, and berating the White Feminists, there wasn’t a whole lot of outrage from the Womanist blogs, either, re: Farrah. Is it because she was a White woman, of class and race privilege, that nobody is giving her a voice?

    • well as a non-white feminist, I will say that my criticism is more about the disproportionate criticism and the uneven application of “women’s rights issues” than the covering of any particular story b/c we all have to choose what we cover; but yes, I think many people on both sides failed Fawcett.

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