Martial Law Declared in Honduras

Several Hondurans gathered this a.m. to protest the apparent forcible ousting of their duly elected President in favor of a military backed candidate prior to the elections. The issue has received minimal attention in the U.S. in general and especially in light of the concern poured out for what many believe is the suspension of the franchise in Iran. Unlike Mousavi, who the U.S. believes will be more open to U.S. political and economic interests than Ahmadinejad, Honduran President Zelaya is against U.S. neo-imperialism in the form of FTAs and resource exploitation.

While, once again, men seem to make up the majority of the protest crowd, a woman can be heard speaking to rally the crowd in the background during part of the raw footage below. Other women are also in the crowd. What about spontaneous public outcry leads more men than women to flood the streets (if in fact this is true)? And what motivates those women who do as a result? Or is this just more of the gaze of the video recorder/witness who gravitates toward male participants?

President Obama did issue a statement of concern about the situation but neither the N. American twitter machine nor official political and media channels have shown much concern beyond that. And while I do believe the vast majority of us who blogged/tweeted/etc. in solidarity with Iran were motivated by the franchise, our lack of collective concern for the franchise of other countries (recently Zimbabwe and now Honduras) makes it that much easier for dictators and despots to claim our interests in the rights of the people are solely about our own economic and political agendas.


3 thoughts on “Martial Law Declared in Honduras

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  2. You are so right about he lack of attention to countries such as Honduras, or, my particular hobby horse, Zimbabwe.

    The media uses the excuse that our concern is neo colonial in character to avoid examining the disgraceful conditions in Zimbabwe…our concern is nothing of the is human concern for other human beings living in intolerable conditions.

    • welcome to the blog Helen. To me, the media is purposefully not calling the support for the franchise in Iran neo-colonial b/c it serves western interests for a moderate to lead that country. It is important to be self-reflexive about whatever we do and whomever we support from outside of any situation and to check the neo-colonialism at the door. As you say, human concern should be what motivates us.

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