Quickie: Transgender Health Info and CFP

I received an award on Friday for the work that I’ve done on trans rights in prisons, started as an offshoot of work I was doing at the time on expanding DSV services to the queer community, and as part of that event I asked some of the transgender and allies community present for some links to health information b/c of both the ignorance about trans women’s health needs that I think needs to be addressed and the lack of advertising about this information to people who may need it. I had hoped to get a hold of my friends in Philly, I mentioned in a previous post, who just hosted the Transgender Health Care Conference before posting, but as I said in my previous post, I’m just not able to do a lot with all the care needs in my own household right now.

Along with the list of info, one of my colleagues told me that there are several archives of transgender people’s stories and experiences with regards to their health care needs online and that there are standing CFPs for people’s stories:

  • Transgender Care archive and CFP here
  • Trans Pulse CFP here and pubs here
  • Forge has a more academic study on aging health as well here

Rural Support Networks


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