Another Duke University Scandal Involving Race and Sexual Assault


According to CBS news, Frank Mccorkle Lombard, Duke University’s Associate Director of the Center for Health Policy, was arrested Wednesday, June 24 for attempting to set up the rape of his adopted 5 year old African-American son with an under cover police officer over the internet.

The detective’s affidavit charges Lombard said in an online chat that he had sexually molested the boy. The court papers say Lombard also invited the undercover detective to North Carolina to have sex with the young boy and even suggested which hotel he should use.

A witness, who tipped off police, said that he had seen Lombard sexually assault the boy online on more than one occassion.

ICUii also shared with the FBI a complaint filed in January 2007 against Frank Lombard from another user. That user alleged Lombard said he “was into incest” and had adopted two African-American children, the affidavit says.

According to the article, Lombard also told other potential pedophiles that adoption of minors was an easy way to get access to children to assault “especially for a black boy”, clearly indicating his alleged racialized sexual perversion. His comments further point to how racism renders children of color vulnerable to assault in ways that may not be the same for white children, while obviously all children are vulnerable to child predators regardless of race.

Duke is said to be cooperating with officials in this case.

I don’t have the ability rt now w/all that is going on with our family’s health care to analyze the connections between systems of oppression at the structural level that make children and people of color (overlapping and distinct) vulnerable and how this is then played out in this man’s alleged actions. Nor to make the connections between this domestic case and the trafficking of children of color around the world. Nor to highlight how these issues have been played out on college campuses before with other cases of faculty “rescuing” children of color from home countries only to physically or sexually abuse them and/or use them as slave or sexual labor. I will simply say all of these connections are present and warn against turning this case into another example of exceptionalism rather than a growing pattern.

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4 thoughts on “Another Duke University Scandal Involving Race and Sexual Assault

  1. Thank God, the DC Police and the Feds for stopping Lombard.

    Pray that the child receives the love and support he will need to grow up strong and live in peace.

    My name is Keith Smith. I was abducted, beaten and raped by a stranger. It wasn’t a neighbor, a coach, a relative, a family friend or teacher. It was a recidivist pedophile predator who spent time in prison for previous sex crimes; an animal hunting for victims in the quiet suburbs of Lincoln, Rhode Island.

    [edited for triggers by blog owner]

    It’s time to speak out to raise public awareness of male sexual assault, to let other survivors know that they’re not alone and to help survivors of rape and violent crime understand that the emotion, fear and memories that may still haunt them are not uncommon to those of us who have shared a similar experience.

    My novel, Men in My Town, was inspired by these actual events.

    For those who suffer in silence, I hope my story brings some comfort, strength, peace and hope.

    • welcome to the blog Keith and thank you for speaking out. (your comments were edited b/c of potential triggers to other readers, but interested readers can follow your link to your blog for more info about your story)

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