July Giveaway: Were the World Mine

For July, we will be giving a way a brand new copy of Speak Video’s Were the World Mine (2009):

In this queered version of a Midsummer Night’s Dream, high school student Timothy discovers Oberon’s magic potion while studying for his part as Puck in his high school’s upcoming production of the Shakespeare play. Not realizing what he has discovered at first, Timothy makes a similar mistake as Puck by bewitching his bestfriend’s boyfriend but soon he is intentionally using the potion to combat homophobia in his small town. (The potion turns people gay or lesbian & or awakens their existing queer desires.) As the town finds itself becoming increasingly queer, Timothy is faced with a decision: risk the boy he loves (and has bewitched) to reverse the spell or keep a love that may only exist b/c of fairy dust. The outcome will not surprise most but it is a happy ending for several of the characters and the awakening many of them needed.

The movie also has several dance and song numbers mostly taking place in Timothy’s imagination and involving many of the jocks in his school. The best of these is actually sung as during rehearsal and featured prominently in the trailer above.

If you are interested in owning the movie, you can leave a comment here or on twitter (mark it private and we won’t post it, but we will ask to give a synopsis when we announce the winners):

  1. why you want the movie
  2. what you will use it for

The contest is open to everyone. 😀

One thought on “July Giveaway: Were the World Mine

  1. OMG! Sounds amazing. I would absolutely love to enter this contest. I’m a big fan of movies that deal with queer issues in a good way and I love musicals, so that’s why I want it…as for what I’ll use it for, just to enjoy and perhaps try and spread the word to others if I find I really do love it.


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