Dan Choi has officially been recommended for discharge

The video below is Dan Choi speaking at the Obama Protest in California outside of the President’s ill-timed fundraiser, he also spoke at SF Pride this year. Both times he began his speech with a poem in Arabic to remind people of the skills being lost by his firing under DADT and to call up strength to persevere.

On June 30th, a US military board recommended Choi be stripped of his rank and discharged from military service. His crime, as reported earlier, admitting he was gay on the Rachel Maddow show while discussing the rights of gay and lesbian service people.

Obama issued no statement about the decision, though he was clearly aware of Dan Choi’s case. Pres Obama is currently on his way to Russia so it is unlikely he will intervene,  just as he failed to do in the case of several other service people who asked him personally for help.

Earlier this summer the Justice Department argued in favor of continuing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell despite Obama’s stated commitment to review and abolish it.  Evidence has been mounting that despite White House spokespeople’s statements that the President is working on DADT that no meetings have actually occurred.

This and many other things were on my mind this Independence Day.


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