Torchwood Children of Earth

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tcoeteamTorchwood 2009/bbc

Long time readers know that I have an insider in Whoville who I hoped could get me a sneak peek at this (mini)season of Torchwood. While zhe was not able to do so, I am currently watching the series, which means my review will be all spoiler goodies for your folks in the states. The season wraps up tomorrow, so I’ll write my review then rather than now. What I will say is that the latest season:

  1. gives us an interesting progression in the narrative of queer identity in the show particular around issues of family, children, and commitment as well as sexual identities, some of which have fallen out while others remain
  2. introduces two new characters of color both of whom would have been compelling additions to the franchise but only one of whom who might (seriously Whoville, never kill the eye candy when s/he can act)
  3. continues the vein of moral responsibility and heroism that has been the best part of the series – all tho it fails to offer that same melancholy introspection that most single episodes mining the same material in the longer seasons has done
  4. reminds why the whoville franchise is a frightening prospect without Russell T. Davies at the helm – he really packs this one with heart stopping moments at every turn & the Dr. Who specials have been equally enjoyable


And yes, the rumors you may have heard about Jack Barrowman being naked this season are true. It is both frontal and backside not just backside as he reported (unless there was a body double). However, it is part of the script and completely unrelated to Ianto-Jack sexiness which is utterly missing from this season.

So sit back dear friends and wait with the knowledge that Torchwood’s (mini)season is mostly worth it. It will air two weeks from now on BBCAmerica at 9pm.

(my review coming soon)

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