Torchwood Children of Earth Day 4

tcoeiantoyjackIanto and Jack. Torchwood 2009/BBC

I know I said that I would write a complete synopsis after series end today, but I am still shaking from the surprising end to CoE Day 4. Not only did it address key issues about citizenship, nation, and “disposable people” in ways that made me think of Britain’s historical involvement in Diego Garcia or current decision to send asylum seekers from the DRC back to gang rape and war, but also about the wars we choose to enter and those we do not, the lives we mourn and the ones we pretend are not lost, etc. And while I think that the third season of Torchwood gave short shrift to Captain Jack’s usual pathos about being “fixed in time” and making “hard decisions,” there is nothing spared on the emotional connection between he and Ianto in this episode. While the cultural theorist in me is slowly waving a few alarm bells about heteronormativity both w/regards to the narrative on children and the last wo/man standing . . . my hands can’t stop shaking and my heart still feels a little broken even a day later. Well done.

2 thoughts on “Torchwood Children of Earth Day 4

  1. It is indeed such a mournful event. [edited for major spoiler] has left me more sad than Michael Jackson’s. Serious!

    And rumor has it that Tom Baker might make an appearance on tonight’s episode as the Doctor to resolve all this 456 shit. Of course, it is way out of hands for Captain Jack!

    • welcome to the blog Sujoy. I was actually thinking how “human nature” would make a good background for a Ianto and Jack montage.

      I really hope they don’t resolve it with Tom Baker, who I have not shined on to yet, but if Tennant shows up, I guess that would be ok. I keep just hoping someone will take them back in time for a do over. cheesy yes. but 1. the doctor could do that and 2. then all would be ok again

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