New Head of Young Republicans Thinks Coon Jokes Funny

38 year old Audra Shay has just been appointed the head of the YOUNG Republicans. She is most well known for a series of racialized and racist comments that she either made herself or laughed at when others made them on her Facebook page.

Here she threatens Walmart for endorsing Obama:


Here is an exchange on her facebook where she responds to anti-Muslim, anti-black, and anti-immigrant comments in which Obama is once again likened to a terrorist and black people are referred to as “coons”:

audrashayfacebook_696ac.jpg (JPEG Image, 1387x1693 pixels)_1246567946151.jpeg

Rather than analyze what this means, I will let Meghan McCain (conservative) and Tracie Powell (democrat). I will however say this, the Republican party has consistently aligned itself with racially exclusionary policies. When it appointed Steele it seemed like a ridiculous attempt to reverse the image of all those monkey t-shirt wearing, Barrack HUSSEIN Obama posters, and chanting about violence. Yet these chants continue on far too many public sites from Republican blogs to Myspace and Facebook. If the Republicans want anyone to believe that these moments are outliers, then they need to elect officials who have not participated in racist conversations, threats, or jokes. When they fail to do so, they not only reinforce negative images of their party in terms of oppression but also in terms of leadership and planning; ie give the impression that they are so racist they cannot even think about masking that racism in order to win a bigger share of votes or they no longer care.

In the case of Audra Shay, it seems that once again having a woman who meets the mainstream definitions of attraction is more important to the party than either her age (almost 40) or her views on race. And again I say, if I was a woman in the Republican party, I would be insulted by how little party officials seem to think about women’s views and women’s leadership.

2 thoughts on “New Head of Young Republicans Thinks Coon Jokes Funny

  1. The degree of backpedaling Shay attempted to do when her remarks were revealed is insulting. If this is who the Republican Party wants to represent them, they’re not at all concerned about expanding it’s base.

    • yeah. I find it insulting that they don’t even pretend anymore. I think the lack of civility in many of their exchanges speaks volumes about the overall shift in the climate of our country concerning at least the semblance of respect and equality for every person living in this nation . . .

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