The Angel of Harlem

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Billie Holiday’s death. Her soulful sound timelessly inspired so many and her song Strange Fruit dared to talk about the unspeakable in a time when we most needed to be discussing the politics of killing black folks.


Here are some of my favorite quotes from the divine Lady Day:

  • “Somebody once said we never know what is enough until we know what’s more than enough.”
  • “If you copy, it means you’re working without any real feeling.” (plagiarists, I’m talking to you)

And a song you may not have heard as often as some of her other hits, but which you might here playing on a Sunday afternoon at our house:

2 thoughts on “The Angel of Harlem

  1. Today marks the 50th anniversary of Billie Holidays life.

    Um, death, actually.

    Beautifully done song. (I sometimes regret that I bought the complete collection of her recordings for someone who was out of my life by ’73, but hey, I got to listen and vinyl didn’t survive one of my moves anyway.)

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