Call for Posters on Trans Specific Research by Trans People

You may repost this call for posters verbatim (call is indented):

In response to the extreme disconnect between the research and the researched of the transgender, transsexual, trans, gender non-conforming and so forth communities, I am coordinating a ‘poster session’ of trans* specific research at this year’s Gender Odyssey conference, a community-specific trans conference held in Seattle, WA, Labor day weekend of September 4th to 6th 2009.

This exhibit provides space for the much needed exchange between the research that has been conducted about the trans community (as well as those conducting the research) and the community itself. This session allows for the knowledge obtained or produced around the trans community (whether this be in the form of theory or statistics) to be made accessible to those most impacted by it.  Research (broadly defined in content here) conducted in any and all disciplines, and languages are welcome (bilingual submissions particularly encouraged)!

Submission Guidelines:

Your presence is not required so your material should be as clear as possible. Similar to ‘academic’ poster sessions, information displayed should be succinct and well thought out. Information discussed or detailed in the ‘poster’ should avoid academic and discipline-specific jargon and utilize language accessible to the general public. 

Posters can of any size and shape, but all must include a separate document hand out that summarizes the research displayed, along with researcher contact information. 


Interest in submission is requested before August 1st so that proper accommodations can be made at the conference site. 

  • All electronic submissions are due: August 25th 2009
  • Physical materials must reach Seattle, Washington: September 1st

Please contact Elijah Edelman with any questions and comments.


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