Quickies: Deaths in the “Virtual” Family

  • Walter Cronkite’s funeral was yesterday. He was a cornerstone of journalism for decades and a regular face in most N. Americans homes. His career was so long and so influential it is nearly impossible to memorialize here; even his own friends got too choked up to discuss him yesterday. You can read more about his career here (and if it inspires you, especially my trad. marginalized readers, consider getting a degree in journalism and taking the media back)
  • E. Lynn Harris died today while on tour for his latest book. I was not a fan of his frothy DL series or they way it, combined with Terry McMillan, ushered in a new era of urban exploitation fiction that drowned out other genres and writers. But he was instrumental in mainstreaming discussions of passing gay men, internalized homophobia, homophobic pressure, complex sexualities, and black gay men (other than the stereotypical black queen in movies). His work sparked widescale discussion across mainstream media and in the households of many questioning black families. And I do believe that his work paved the way for two groundbreaking black gay series on television Here Networks The DL Chronicles and Logo’s Noah’s Arc (my review of which gets more hits than almost any other tv or movie review I’ve done). read more about his passing here.

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