Hey what happened to the blog Etiquette Post?

sorry everyone. the computer continues to fritz (UGH) so I cannot keep it open for editing nor open any one else’s blog to refer to the list outside of the editor . . . So while my computer is in the shop, I’ll just say this:

  • The etiquette suggestions were from a blog I mis-identified as “gay”, it should have been “guy”
  • Other posts on netiquette I intended to reference come from historiann and Gay Prof @ CoG but I keep losing connectivity trying to find them, so instead, if you are interested, click on the links and run a search on their blogs or just go read them b/c their great fun! (and follow basic netiquette while there of course)
  • My Dr. Who update (remember I promised when I originally saw the latest Dr. Who episode to write a more in depth post) is obviously not going to happen in time while the computer isn’t working. So, I’ll reiterate that it is an amazing episode and that Ryan is one of the best companions I think Tennant has ever had, so don’t miss it.

2 thoughts on “Hey what happened to the blog Etiquette Post?

  1. It amazes me, that given the plethora of articles on the Internet re: netiquette, there are people who still don’t get it. Which makes me question their practice of etiquette in other areas of their lives, or the lack thereof.

    • Really rude or offensive comments change the way I perceive ppl as well. I’ve got actually colleagues I look at differently, it’s weird.

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