Blog Against Racism Week Ends Saturday

Of course the week the computer goes to the shop and I promise the gf not to use either laptop for blogging, (did I mention pov u monitors computer use without informing employees? I think I did in a post about uni-pre-packaged spyware once . . .) the week is dedicated to blogging against racism. The good news: don’t we blog about that every day here?  The better news: the week is not over, so this is where we bring it international style. 🙂

Here are the rules for anyone who wants to participate in the next few days:

IBARW will take place between July 27 to August 2, 2009

How to participate:

  1. Announce the week in your blog.
  2. Post about race and/or racism: in media, in life, in the news, personal experiences, writing characters of color, portrayals of race in fiction, review a book on the subject, etc. (Linking back here is highly appreciated!) The optional theme this year is “global.”
  3. Let us know by bookmarking your post on Delicious with “for:ibarw,” or comment with a link to your post in one of the link collecting posts.

Places to look at other people’s posts:

Of course, today is the day Skip, the cop, and the Prez have microbrews on the back lawn, so isn’t racism over? <eye roll>


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