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I have a lot of serious posts in the works, but my own tone is set on cranky today, so I am going for the sure fire smile with a fluff-tastic post on Science Fiction media instead. Comic-con, no I wasn’t there, has left me with all kinds of excitement about upcoming movies and tv shows. While I am clearly geeking out with this post, I am not as geeky as the ever lovable Natalie who was actually there:

Movies I am looking forward to:

  • James Cameron’s Avatar – A lone warrior tries to help indigenous people survive on their planet. ppl at the con got to see 25 minutes for free but Cameron promises the rest of us will be able to see 15 minutes of the film free at special pre-opening screenings around the country. The film has an amazing cast, exciting graphics, and Cameron is a genius when it comes to sci fi . . . oh and if the images I’ve seen are at all correct, the film stars the actor who played Marcus Wright in T4
  • Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland – I’ve put up character stills of this movie before on the blog, but the trailer is beyond imagining! while it looks like the traditional book, I find myself wondering if it will borrow at all from Frank Beddor’s book The Looking Glass Wars which re-imagines the story in even more creepy detail. The post-structuralist in me, hopes it sticks to the original which is such a fun language game, the reader in me is leaning toward Beddor. Either way, Burton’s imaginary + Depp’s considerable, quirky, talent and graphics to die for, it has to be a hit.
  • Tron the Legacy – saw the trailer for this one and it doesn’t look like the special effects have been updated for modern audience, but for those of us who remember Tron it is  a treat. Looks like Jeff Bridges now controls the board and he is dark. Looks to be fun for those of who remember the original.
  • Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus – my excitement on this one is a mixed bag. Gilliam’s imagination is magical in a completely different, low budgy in a good way, from Burton’s and yet equally compelling. The elments of realism and the fantastical in his films have always raised important questions about humanity while moving us fully into imagined worlds. Based on that, and the early clips of the film, I am excited to see it. Unfortunately, one of those early clips includes a “pygmy” that looks like a white little person in black face. The plot: a traveling troupe made a deal with the devil to live forever. The buzz: Ledger died before completion and his part is being played by several other actors in the close of the film.
  • Zombie Land – If you are into Zombie movies this one looks good. It stars Woody Harrelson as the Zombie hunter in a part that was made for him. The total tongue in cheek script is reminscent of early Tarantino in a good way, tho the trailer does have some fatphobia. (Harrelson makes a joke about two fat zombies in a convenient story.)

Movies that Might also be good

  • The Surrogates – its based on a graphic novel of same name and stars Bruce Willis as a man who has disconnected from an elaborate surrogate system in which people plug in and live their lives through automated look alikes that cannot be killed, or can they? It’s a little bit Matrix, feels and looks a lot like I am Legend, could be good, could be derivavtive.
  • The Book of Eli – in a post-apocalyptic future Denzel Washington is the keeper of a book that could save the human race. The film looks like your basic futuristic action film with lots of explosions, gun fights, and some Kung Fu. I really haven’t seen enough to weigh in more.
  • Carriers – a zombie creating infection is spreading across the planet and people are desperate to escape before the virus reaches them. As the world’s population succumbs certain key characteristics of how the disease is spread become known. The film follows a group of friends trying to get to Mexico, where the disease is said to be not spreading as well, as they make choices about their own humanity vs. survival. It seems loosely based on this hit book the Z wars with critical changes so as not to pay the author.
  • Jennifer’s Body – on the surface, the film is a total teen-exploitation film with Meghan Fox playing her usually T & A with a new smattering of lesbian window dressing. Underneath, it was written by Diablo Cody and has a tinge of sarcasm and critique of sexualization of teen girls, the glorification of mindless boys trying to get with hot girls in film, etc. I just really am not sure that the writing can work against the amount of pointless semi-naked time that is Meghan Fox’s acting career.

Movies I am avoiding:

  • anything starring Robert Downey Jr. – he has two films coming out soon Sherlock Holmes (in which Sherlock becomes an annoying, womanizing, alcoholic, propped up by Watson and good luck) and Iron Man II (which fired Terrence Howard for daring to ask to be paid a similar salary to co-stars in a script that would have had him donning his own Iron Man suit and involved in a large part of the script. You uppity negro you!)


  • Torchwood has been approved for a 4th season. No word on whether they will resurrect Ianto or if Jack will be given a new love interest and/or return to his flirting ways. Davies did apologize to fans for saying those upset about Ianto’s death needed to go watch Supernatural instead, so that is something. As someone devistated by both the loss of Ianto and the seeming heterosexualization of the plot over the course of the week, I have to say a show without him seems empty. At the same time, it could prove an ideal opportunity to discuss loss and rejoining life after one has lost a long time partner or great love. These are real issues we all struggle with and if Davies does his work up to QAF UK standards (he also spearheaded that show for those who do not know) then it will be tv to watch.
  • BSG Caprica – will start on 1/22/10 and have a gay couple among the main cast. If they do as poor a job as they did representing queerness (yes Ianto I said “queer”) on the original, this is not a good thing. However, the head of SyFy network has said they are trying hard to be more inclusive in their upcoming series. (They are also planning on a lesbian couple for the latest installment of Stargate. Unfortunately, the couple is split up by the Stargate project as Ming Na is with the team and her partner, who will have a recurring role, is still back on Earth.)
  • Doll House promises to take its original conspiracy theory trajectory in the upcoming season. Summer Glau, who is always fun to watch and a long time member of the Whedonverse, and Alexis Denisof (Wesley) are rumored to be joining the cast. Denisof says he is signed on for several episodes. However, I still cannot get past the fact that this show has essentially pimped out unwitting mind-erased women, allowing them to essentially raped as well as actually giving them over for rape fantasies. Tho the series finale included the female “boss” having her own “affair” with a “mind-wiped” male Doll, that does not change the basic plot of the episodes aired, that centered more often than not on female degredation, or the fact that rape is rape whether it is a male victim or a female one. Joss will have to step up his game in explaining why these things are part of a larger critique of human behavior and male privilege run amuck or it just more exploitation.
  • V – I am getting more and more jazzed about the V update even as my little heart says, don’t get excited, don’t get excited, they’ll ruin it, you know they will. It’s not a vegan friendly show but it is a campy good one and the update looks like it is going to take it to the dark intense places that the show warrants.

Shows I knew about before Comic Con and remain on the fence about:

  • Merlin
  • Warehouse 13
  • Being Human

So my geeky lurkers, what films or shows are you looking forward to?

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    • welcome to the blog. I did mean 13, yes; love to blame that one on disability but I was just being too lazy to double check . . .

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