Were the World Mine Giveaway Extended

Since I was MIA last week and did not remind folks that our July giveaway was coming to an end, I am going to extend the giveaway of the gay musical loosely based on Shakespeare’s Mid summer Night’s Dream one week. You have until August 7th to write me a brief note as to why you should be the recipient of the free DVD, just include why you want it and how you’ll use it. (And yes, it is perfectly ok to say you just want to sit in your house and watch it with friends.)

4 thoughts on “Were the World Mine Giveaway Extended

  1. I’m not sure my comment showed up on the original post about the contest, so I’m sending again.

    I’d really love to have this DVD. We don’t have a place to rent or see gay movies in my town and my mom monitors our netflix, so we have to wait to watch online. It would be nice if my friends and I could just watch something when it is new for once.


  2. this was left by ShootingStars Magazine on a different post (just keeping the new entries together):

    OMG! Sounds amazing. I would absolutely love to enter this contest. I’m a big fan of movies that deal with queer issues in a good way and I love musicals, so that’s why I want it…as for what I’ll use it for, just to enjoy and perhaps try and spread the word to others if I find I really do love it.


  3. we are putting on Midsummer Night’s Dream at my school this upcoming year and it would be great to see the GLBTQI version first. We might be able to incorporate some of the ideas into our production.

    Please add my name! (I can send my address now or when you announce the winner.)

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