Feeling Groovy

One of my book orders just came in! Long time readers know that the bookstore has this special way of accidentally not ordering or shelving the books for my queer studies courses and giving my students all kinds of homophobic grief for buying them . . . This year, they have the cutest little gay nerd working in the back. He has taken it upon himself to ensure all my books are ordered and that I get emails when they arrive with the correct amount of books listed and everything!!!! (You know, like you straight folks get when you teach classes.) Anyway, when I went through my books today, I noticed a bookmark in one of the books for my Youth Culture class . . . little cutie had put it on a page with a gay personal ad on it!!! In an otherwise completely straight book, he found the one gay reference and used it to say hello. I nearly fell out of my chair with a case of the giggles. Is this what it feels like not to dread sending in your book order?


3 thoughts on “Feeling Groovy

  1. Oh how I wish the book store and other staff would do what they are supposed to do. They are often surly and have this put upon attitude when you ask them to do anything. And no I’m not gay 😉

    • thanks. I worry more about the students who can’t get their books or are intentionally humiliated asking why they are not on the shelves/stocked.

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